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PennController 1.8

Posted on May 25, 2020
Tagged: versions

PennController 1.8 is now available!

Newly created experiments on the PCIbex Farm come with it, and you can sync your existing projects with the master branch to update your version of PennController.

Major changes from 1.7


  • General
    • Debugger window now includes PennController version.
    • A failed recording upload prompts participant to download an archive that contains the recordings before continuing.
  • New element types
  • New global comands and methods
    • UploadRecordings: Creates a trial that uploads the recordings collected by a MediaRecorder element.
    • EyeTrackerURL: Specifies an URL to send data collected by an EyeTracker element.
    • InitiateRecorder
      • Optional parameter "MESSAGE": Custom consent form message.
      • Method .warning("TEXT")
      • Method .consent("TEXT")


  • General
    • Media recordings are now encoded as WEBM, OGG, or MP4, depending on the browser.
  • Elements
  • Special commands
    • clear and end: Can now be used inside a .callback command.


  • Elements
    • The container of an element added to the screen by a .print(x, y) command no longer remains on the screen after the trial ends.
    • Controller element: Decluttered results file and fixed timeout feature.
    • DropDown element: Fixed reference that was preventing test commands.
    • Key element: Fixed unsuccessful wait when focused element has been disabled.
    • MediaRecorder element: Fixed automatic naming of files generated by a MediaRecorder element (previously, by a VideoRecorder element).
  • Element commands
    • selector.test.selected: No longer crashes when no selection has happened.
    • [mediarecorder.test.hasPlayed](/mediarecorder/mediarecorder-test-hasplayer): Formerly videorecorder.test.hasPlayed`.