Syncing with a GitHub repository

You can import an entire GitHub repository to the PCIbex Farm. This is particularly useful if you would like to upload multiple files to an experiment project page’s Resources folder, and do not want to upload each file one-by-one.

The GitHub repository must have one or more of the following folders in the root directory:

  • data_includes: Its contents will be copied into the Scripts folder.
  • chunk_includes: Its contents will be copied into the Resources folder.
  • js_includes: Its contents will be copied into the Controllers folder.

Example of an appropriate GitHub repository structure:

├── data_includes
│   └── main.js
├── chunk_includes
│   ├── image1.png
│   └── image2.png
└── js_includes
    └── pennController.js

Before uploading a GitHub repository, you should know that:

  • No Git repository is hosted on the PCIbex Farm server. The specified repository is checked out, and its files are uploaded to your experiment.

  • Caution! Files with the same names will be replaced. Any file in a PCIbex experiment folder will be overwritten by a file with the same name in an uploaded GitHub repository.

  • Any file in a PCIbex experiment folder but not in an uploaded GitHub repository will not be affected.

  • No files are ever copied to the Results folder, to ensure that results are never overwritten by accident.

  • The repository checkout times out after 25 seconds. If this happens, just try again. If you are trying to check out a very large repository, you may have to reduce the size of the repository.

  • Currently, it is only possible to upload a publicly readable Git repository.

To upload through Github:

  1. Press Git Sync button on project code interface.
  2. In the input box, enter the URL of the GitHub repository that you are copying.
  3. Choose the branch that you want to use from branch dropdown.
  4. If the uploading was successful, the uploaded files will appear in the appropriate folder(s).