Removes a single option from the list. Nothing happens if the option passed as an argument is in fact not in the list.


  • option :


@newDropDown("value" , "Truth value")
@    .add( "True" , "False" )
@    .print()
@newScale("logic",  "Binary","Three-valued")
@    .default("Binary")
@    .before( newText("Logic: ") )
@    .labelsPosition("right")
@    .callback(
@        getScale("logic")
@            .test.selected("Three-valued")
@            .success( 
@                getDropDown("value")
@                    .add("Other") 
@            )
@            .failure( 
@                getDropDown("value")
$                    .remove("Other") 
@            )
@    )
@    .print()
  • Creates a drop-down list with two options, True and False, and prints it onto the page. Then creates a Scale element with two options, Binary and Three-value, the former being selected by default, preceded with the text Logic:. Whenever a value gets selected on the Scale, a test checks whether the selected value corresponds to Three-valued and, if so, it adds the option Other to the drop-down list, or removes it from the list otherwise.