Runs your experiment in Debug mode.



What does (PennController.) mean?


  • A pop-in console appears at the bottom-right corner of the page when your experiment runs in Debug mode. The Debug console gives you information on the experiment’s structure and on the current trial. Buttons in the Sequence and Log tabs let you force the experiment to move on to the next steps/trials. The Tables tab lists the tables available to your script, which you can click to explore.

  • In Debug mode, the items variable containing the content of all your trials is publicly accessible. This means that, for example, you can open your browser Javascript’s console and type items to take a look at how each of your trials is defined.

  • Make sure to use PennController.DebugOff() (since PennController 1.4) before running the final version of your experiment (the items variable will then be undefined during runtime).


@    newButton("hello", "Hello world")
@        .print()
@        .wait()
@PennController.AddTable( "Words" ,
@    "item,Word\n"  +
@       "1,Hello\n" +
@       "2,World"
@PennController.Template( "Words" ,
@    row => PennController(
@        newButton(row.Word)
@            .print()
@            .wait()
@    )