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Will append sequenceOfCommands to the end of the sequence of commands of each trial created with PennController.



What does (PennController.) mean?

  • sequenceOfCommands :


beta 0.3


$    newText("validation instructions", "Click to go to next trial")
$        .print()
$    ,
$    newButton("validation button", "Validate")
$        .print()
$        .wait()
@    newText("test sentence", "The cat chases the mouse")
@        .print()
@    ,
@    newScale("natural", 5)
@        .slider()
@        .before( newText("left", "Unnatural") )
@        .after(  newText("right", "Natural")  )
@        .print()
  • Without the footer, the trial defined above would be validated immediately after it has started running, since it includes no wait command. Thankfully, the footer adds a button at the bottom of the page that must be clicked for validation.