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Returns a filtered version of the table, containing only rows whose specified column’s value is a match.



What does (PennController.) mean?


  • If you use a string then the column’s value must match the text exactly. Alternatively, you can use a regular expression to test the column’s value. You can also use a function that will take each row as an argument and should return true to keep the row or false to exclude it.

  • You can use several filters in chain.


@    GetTable( "spreadsheet.csv" )
$        .filter( row => row.Item > 0 )      // 'Item' should be greater than 0, and
$        .filter( "ButtonText" , /second/ )  // 'ButtonText' should contain 'second'
@    ,
@    row => newTrial( "button trial" ,
@        newButton("test button", row.ButtonText)
@            .print()
@            .wait()
@    )
@    .log( "Item" , row.Item       )
@    .log( "Text" , row.ButtonText )
  • Generates only one trial from a subset of the table spreadsheet.csv: first we only consider rows where the value in the Item column is a number greater than 0 (this is practically ineffective, for both rows in spreadsheet.csv already satisfy this condition) and we further consider only rows among those rows where the value of the ButtonText column is a text containing the string second (only the second row satisfies this condition).