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Use this to specify the URL of the PHP file to upload the audio recordings collected during the experiment.



What does (PennController.) mean?

  • url :


  • (PennController.)InitiateRecorder( url , message )


  • InitiateRecorder creates a PennController trial asking for the participant’s consent to record audio samples. You can specify a message to replace the default one. Use the label command on it to determine when it should appear in your sequence of trials.


@Sequence("first_trial", "second-trial")
$    "https://myserver/uploadVoices/saveRecordings.php"
$    ,
$    "This experiment collects audio recordings. **Once you grant it access to your recording device, you will be notified of whether you are being recorded by a label at the top of the page**"
@newTrial( "second-trial" ,
@    newMediaRecorder("recorder", "audio")
@        .print()
@        .wait()
  • Adds a page asking for the participant’s authorization to use their recording device, using a custom text message.