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Defines the error message that gets displayed if an obligatory input field is not filled when calling warn. If you use %name% in the string it will be replaced with the element’s name.


  • message :


@newHtml("intro", "example_intro.html")
@    .checkboxWarning("It is highly recommended that you check the '%name%' box before continuing")
$    .inputWarning("We would like you to type some text in these fields")
@    .radioWarning("Please consider selecting an option for '%name%'")
@    .print()
@newButton("I have completed the form")
@    .print()
@    .wait()
@    .remove()
@    .warn()
@    .print()
@    .wait()
  • Will print the custom warning messages on any missing obligatory field after clicking “I have completed the form.”