Custom YAML tags

This page lists all of the custom YAML tags.

Numbered headings



Bottom navigation side bar


Hides a page and all of its (grand)children from the main navigation sidebar unless the current URL belongs to one of said pages.

  • Example: The Internal Documentation page (~/internal/ and all of its (grand)children are hidden.

Lists a page on the main navigation sidebar, but does not provide a link to the page’s actual URL.

  • Example: The arrow next to the Commands page (~/docs/ expands to show the children pages, but the Commands page itself is not a link.





Uses code font when listing all of the page’s children on the main navigation sidebar.

  • Example: The children pages of the Global Commands page (~/commands/ are listed in code font.


Uses the specified collection to create the children_list and grand_children_list arrays. The default Just the Docs ./_includes/nav.html file cannot use Jekyll collections to create (grand)children pages.

  • Example: The children pages of the Elements page (~/docs/ are created from the elements collection (~/reference/_elements/).



Detects if a page belongs to an element (layout: element). If so, adds the string " element" to the page’s title.

  • Example: The listed title of the “Audio element” page (~/reference/elements/ should be just Audio, because its title tag is title: Audio.

    However, the children_code_font tag on the parent page Elements (~/docs/ changes the "Audio" string to code font, and the layout: element tag adds the " element" string.