Waits for the current (or next) recording to be over.




  • getMediaRecorder(ELEMENT_NAME).wait("first")

  • getMediaRecorder(ELEMENT_NAME).wait("playback")


  • If you pass “first” and a sample had already been recorded by the time this command gets evaluated and executed, the commands that come next are immediately evaluated and executed. Otherwise, it waits until a recording has finished before evaluating and executing the next commands.

  • If you pass “playback”, the commands that come next will only be evaluated and executed next time a recording has finished playing back.

  • You can also pass a test command, in which case the next commands will be evaluated and executed upon completion of a recording while the condition of the test is satisfied. It it is not satisfied, then it will be checked again next time a recording is over.


@    newMediaRecorder("recorder")
@        .once()
@        .print()
$        .wait()
@        .play()
$        .wait("playback")
  • Adds a media player and a recording button to the page, and automatically plays back the video once it is recorded.