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Will run the PennController command(s) or javascript function passed as arguments whenever the mouse moves after start and before stop have been called.


  • command :


  • getMouseTracker(ELEMENT_NAME).callback( function )


  • If you pass a function, it will be receive two arguments when executed, corresponding to the current X and Y coordinates.


@newButton("Click then move your mouse when seeing a box")
@  .print("center at 50vw", "center at 50vh")
@  .wait()
@  .remove()
@newCanvas("box", 100, 100).css("background", "black")
$  .callback(
$    getCanvas("box").test.printed()
$      .success( newText("Good job!").print() )
$      .failure( newText("Missed it!").print() )
$    ,
$    getMouseTracker("mouse").stop()
$  )
@  .start()
@newTimer( 200+800*Math.random() ).start().wait()
@newTimer( 200+300*Math.random() ).start().wait()
  • Starts a MouseTracker element once the button is clicked, waits between 200ms and 1s before printing a black square on the page and removes it after a time period between 200ms and 500ms. The callback command will run whenever the mouse starts moving after a click on the button, and will print a different message depending on whether the Canvas element is on the page, and will immediately stop the MouseTracker element, making sure the callback is called only once.