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Tests the index of an element in the selector (starting with 0). If you pass no index, the test will be a success if the element is part of the selector, else a failure.


  • element :


  • getSelector(ELEMENT_NAME).test.index( element , index )


  • When testing an element, remember to use a get* command, as simply typing its ID will fail (ie. test getImage("square"), not just "square")

  • This is particularly useful when you want to test the position of an element after a shuffle.


PennController 1.0


@newCanvas("shapes", 825, 440)
@    .add(   0,   0, newImage("square"  , "square.png"  ) ) 
@    .add( 425,   0, newImage("triangle", "triangle.png") ) 
@    .print()
@    .add( getImage("square") , getImage("triangle") ) 
@    .shuffle()
$    .test.index( getImage("square") , 0 )
$    .success( getText("feedback").text("Square is on the left!")  )
$    .failure( getText("feedback").text("Square is on the right!") )
@    .add( "center at 50%" , "center at 420" , getText("feedback") )
  • First draws a square Image element to the left of a triangle Image element onto a Canvas element, then groups the Image elements into a Selector element and uses this to shuffle their positions. Will draw a Text element saying Square is on the left! if the square Image element ended up first in the Selector element after shuffling (index = 0), or Square is on the right! otherwise (i.e., if it ended up second, index = 1).