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Adds the content of the element to the screen. This has no effect for non-visual elements such as the purely interactive Selector elements.



What does getX() mean?


  • getX(ELEMENT_NAME).print(x,y)

  • getX(ELEMENT_NAME).print(x,y,canvas)


  • Since PennController 1.3, you can pass x and y values to print the element at a specific position on the page, or on a Canvas element if you pass one (or the name of a Canvas element) as the third parameter. You can use any CSS coordinate format for x and y, or special string values following the respective formats "left|center|right at ..." and "top|middle|bottom at ...". Note that x and y are not supported for Audio, Canvas, Scale, TextInput, Video and Youtube elements in PennController 1.3 ; note also that elements added with .before and .after mess with proportional coordinates.


@newImage( "smiley" , "ya.png" )
@newCanvas( "myCanvas" , 100 , 100 )
@    .css( "border" , "solid 1px black" )
@    .center()
@    .add( "center at 50%" , "center at 50%" , getImage("smiley") )
$    .print()
  • Prints the smiley image at the center of the canvas.