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Tests whether the element was printed onto the page (and has not been removed since then).



What does getX() mean?


@newText("instructions", "Click on Top/Bottom to NOT print its word")
@    .print()
@newButton("top", "Top")
@    .callback( getButton("top").remove() ) 
@    .print()
@newButton("bottom", "Bottom")
@    .callback( getButton("bottom").remove() )
@    .print()
@newButton("print", "Print the buttons' words")
@    .print()
@    .wait()
@    .remove()
$    .test.printed()
$    .success( newText("top word", "hello").print() )
$    .test.printed()
$    .success( newText("bottom word", "world").print() )
  • Prints a Top and a Bottom button onto the page, which disappear when clicked. After a click on the print button, the word hello will appear if the top button is still displayed, and the word world will appear if the bottom button is still displayed.