Adds a line to the results file indicating the value of the Var element.




  • getVar(ELEMENT_NAME).log("final")

  • getVar(ELEMENT_NAME).log("set")


  • Blank of "final" are equivalent and will add a line reporting the value of the Var element at the end of the trial. Passing "set" will add a line for each .set command that was called during runtime and report the value to which the command set the Var element.


@newVar("image", "none")
$    .log("final", "set")
@newText("instructions", "Press any key")
@    .print()
@newKey("any", "")
@    .wait()
@    .test.pressed(" ")
@    .success(
@        newImage("tree", "Tree.png")
@            .print()
@        ,
@        getVar("image")
@            .set( "tree" )
@    )
@getButton("continue", "Continue")
@    .print()
@    .wait()
  • Adds a line of text reading Press any key and wait for any key to be pressed. Adds an image of a tree if the space key was pressed. Adds a button to click to continue.

  • At least one line will be added to the results file, indicating the final value of the Var element (either none or tree, depending on whether the pressed key was the space key). If the space key was pressed, another line will be added, reporting the value and the timestamp corresponding to the .set command (and to the key press, since .set is executed immediately after it).