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PennController 1.2

Posted on April 17, 2019
Tagged: versions

PennController 1.2 is now available!

Newly created experiments on the PCIbex Farm come with it, and you can sync your existing projects with the master branch to update your version of PennController.

We skipped the announcement of PennController 1.1, so here’s a non-exhaustive list of changes:

  • Added .or and .and to Test commands (1.1)
  • Added action command .refresh as standard to reprint the element where it is (1.1)
  • Added .settings.callback to Button and Key elements (1.1)
  • Added .settings.keys to Scale elements (1.1)
  • Added .stop action command for Timer elements (1.1)
  • Added .select action command for Scale elements (1.1)
  • Added .settings.cssContainer as a default for every element type (1.1)
  • Added “right center bottom at” options for the x and y argument of canvas.settings.add (1.1)
  • Added PennController.SetCounter, PennController.SendResults and PennController.Sequence in an effort to make the definition of Ibex’s internal items variable entirely optional (1.1)
  • Added “playback” option to voicerecorder.wait (1.1)
  • Added the global command PennController.Debug (1.2)
  • Added action command .click for Button elements (1.2)
  • Added the DropDown element (1.2)
  • Added the Palette element (beta, 1.2)
  • Added the Eyetracker element (beta, 1.2)
  • Added the Group element (beta, 1.2)