PennController 1.6

Posted on September 23, 2019
Tagged: version

PennController 1.6 is now available!

Newly created experiments on the PCIbex Farm come with it, and you can sync your existing projects with the master branch to update your version of PennController.

Major changes from 1.5:

  • key.wait logs properly again
  • timer.stop now validates timer.wait
  • Better recognition of anonymous Canvases
  • Better cross-browser support of audio/video.settings.disable and preloading
  • Calling commands on PennController.Template() instead of embedded PennController() (e.g. .log) now outputs errors in the Debug helper window
  • Tooltips can now be created anonymously (you are no longer required to pass a name string to newTooltip)
  • tooltip.print can now take coordinates to be placed on the document (and not attached to another element)
  • Added the “loop” and “once” optional parameters to
  • Added the optional opacity parameter to audio/video.settings.disable
  • Added the command scale.unselect